Summer School EIT Digital

Publié le 29 juin 2023 Mis à jour le 17 juillet 2024

Summer School EIT Digital

Join the brightest minds and learn how to develop tech business ideas that can get off the ground!

#Nice, 16-21 july - 2024 : Quantum Computing and Information

The development of Information and Communications Technologies based on Quantum Physics will dramatically change several key domains for the Economy of the future:

  • some very slow computations when solved by classical computers will be dramatically speed up by new quantum computers,

  • much more precise simulations of very physical complex systems will be enabled by quantum simulators,

  • increased sensitivity of metrology systems will be attained by quantum sensors, and,

  • Internet communications will be more secured by the application and deployment of new quantum cryptography systems.

These new Quantum-based systems will not replace Classical Information and Communications ones, but will be run in conjunction with them by enhancing them where Classical ones present critical weaknesses, as impossibilities of simulating some biochemistry systems in the pharmaceutical systems, achieving nano-scale sense of physical magnitudes, solving some hard computing problems, or warranting secure communications that cannot be never deciphered by third parties.

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